There Must be two Bounds Error

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I'm trying to simulate the "Inverse design of a Y-splitter topology optimization" by changing the given pixel sizes to 20 nm to 50 nm. But I'm receiving the following error. How can we solve this error?


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    Hello akoral19,

    This error is because the "bounds" variable needs to be an array of tuplets the same length as the parameters, with each tuplet defining the min and max values that each parameter can take. The simplest way doing that is to use the same bounds for each tuplet and multiply by an integer. Then the geometry function, initial parameters, and bounds are passed to the lumopt geometry class

    bounds = [(0.2e-6, 1.2e-6)] * initial_points_y.size
    polygon = FunctionDefinedPolygon(func = splitter,
                                     initial_params = initial_points_y,
                                     bounds = bounds,
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    Thank you for your quick answer but I could not find the part that the bounds parameter defined. Can you please tell me where I can find it?

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