Problem regarding a property in 'Structure' group of 'Matrix' type

shadman_shahidshadman_shahid Member Posts: 2

In my 'structure group', I had defined a property 'd' whose data type was 'Matrix', with a size of [1,6]. After I ran the simulation, checked the results and reverted back to Layout mode, the property d became empty (size = [0]). Now I have to define this property again. How to overcome this issue?

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  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 172Ansys Employee
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    Hello @shadman_shahid ,

    This is a known bug, I've reported this to the development team. Do you need to access this property outside the structure group? If not, as a workaround you can hard code the value at the beginning of the structure group's setup script instead of using a property.


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