Laguerre Gauss beam

luhuiminluhuimin Member Posts: 1

hello,now i have writeen the script of Laguerre Gauss beam with Matlab.i used txt to convert it into mat format,which cannot be

run in FDTD software.Please help me to convert it into mat format,which can be imported into FDTD?

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  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 175Ansys Employee
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    Hello @luhuimin ,

    The first page I linked has an LSF (Lumerical script file) that can be run from the Script Prompt in the FDTD GUI that creates the MAT file using the matlabsave script command. This script command takes the EM field data in a rectilinear dataset and converts it into the correct MAT file format for the import source in FDTD. I would recommend that you try changing the equations in that LSF script to create the MAT file for your beam profile. Importing the data from the TXT file, converting it into a rectilinear dataset and saving it as a MAT file would be possible but I think it would be more complicated.


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