LayerBuilder issue in Lumerical version 2020 R2.4

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am experiencing an issue while trying to upload the GDS file shown in the image below on the LayerBuilder utilities when the sidewall angle is <=86deg and the sidewall angle position reference is set to Middle. All the detailed settings are in the attached screenshot below.

It seems that I get a warning message saying that the sidewall angle is too small and as a result of it the planar solid from the imported polygon cannot be generated. It looks however that the minimum dimension of the attached GDS should allow the creation of the planar solid so I am a little confused on what the error might be.

May I ask what is causing this behavior in details and whether there is any possible workaround to upload the GDS file with sidewall angles below 86 deg?

I tried to attach the corresponding GDS and .fsp files as well but the system did not allow me to do so. Please let me know if there is a way to attach the above mentioned files if needed as I would gladly do so.

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    Hello Pietro,

    I just found this issue. I will copy, my previous response here in the hope that it can help others.

    I suspect what is going on here is that the polygon points after sidewall transformation will self intersect resulting in an invalid planar solid object. See the Planar solid - Simulation Object. I don't know exactly what points are causing this issue, but I suspect some of the closely spaced points on the corner.

    I think the best thing to do would be to clean-up the geometry a bit using less vertices to define the structure if possible, or else avoiding rounding as this may be causing some of the scatter.

    If you look at this polygon

    We can go to much steeper sidewall angles.

    ​Best Regards,

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