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I set up a simulation with the Gaussian source converging on the top of a nanohole. If I understand correctly, the percent transmission is normalized to the power source. What is the meaning of percent transmission that I get from placing the monitor 10nm away from the base of the nanohole?

Does the size of the Gaussian source or the size of the nanohole impact the % transmission that I get?

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    Hello @emh711 ,

    The transmission result is the power transmitted through the monitor, normalized to the source power. The definition is given on the transmission script command page:

    If the span of the Gaussian source is large enough, increasing the span should not affect the result. If the span is too small some of the beam will be cut off, which will lead to inaccurate results. Try increasing the span of the source and see if the transmission result changes. If it doesn't change very much, then the span is probably large enough (this is an example of convergence testing).

    The size of the nanohole will probably affect the transmission, but it's expected that a different structure will have different transmission properties so this doesn't indicate a problem.

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