Photonic Crystal Bandstructure Simulation of TE-like modes

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Hi everyone,

after managing to simulate the band structure of a photonic crystal using a 2D FDTD simulation region, I would like to exclusively simulate TE-like modes. Does anybody know how to do that?

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    Hello @JArc ,

    There might be some other reason the bandstructure isn't accurate. Increasing the simulation time, for example, can make the resonances calculated by the analysis group more accurate.

    Can you please share some screenshots of the simulation setup and results, and give more detail on what results you expect?


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    Hello @JArc ,

    To selectively excite modes of a certain polarization in a 2D simulation you can use dipoles with only one orientation instead of randomly oriented dipoles. This way only modes that have fields that share the polarization of the dipoles will be excited. This approach is demonstrated in the 2D simulations in this Application Gallery example:

    In this example, the orientation of all of the dipoles is fixed to be normal to the 2D plane of the simulation, and the TE and TM modes can be selectively excited by switching between magnetic and electric dipoles.

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    Hi @kjohnson,

    thanks for your comment. I tried to align all magnetic dipoles perpendicularly to the simulation region to obtain only TE modes. However, I expect the bandstructure of my photonic crystal to be gapped. The gap is recognizable in the correct frequency range but does not extend throughout the whole Brillouin zone. I thought that was because I'm seeing TE modes as well as TM modes, given that the latter do not exhibit a gap usually.

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