Metalens Nanopillars design

HalimBishoyHalimBishoy Member Posts: 21

If I would like to design a metalens using TiO2 nanopillars in the freq range (365 nm to 400nm with K=0 and n>2) (UV range).

Can I use the refractive index in Sarkar et al. 2019: Thin-film; n,k 0.30-1.69 µm on this website (Refractive index of TiO2 (Titanium dioxide) - Sarkar)?



  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 172Ansys Employee

    Hello @HalimBishoy ,

    That data covers the wavelength range you're looking for, so I think it should be reasonable. It's a good idea to take a look at the paper the data comes from to see how their sample was fabricated and how they did their measurements. It's also worth looking at other papers that performed simulations involving TiO2 to see what material data they used.

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