Some modules cannot run on Ubuntu 16.04

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Hello there, I would like to ask about running problem of Lumerical on Ubuntu. Because of the needs of other users, the workstation is running Ubuntu 16.04.

Recently, I installed Lumerical 2021 R1.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 through the official installation instructions of Lumerical.

After activation via floating license server, only INTERCONNECT and CML COMPILER can operate normally. All other modules cannot. Sometimes, when try to run other modules, the Ubuntu will pop up an error message, as shown in the screenshot below (MODE module):

May anyone know what might be the reason for this ? Is there any solution to solve this?

Thank you in advance.



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  • gsungsun Posts: 729Ansys Employee
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    Hi, Xin,

    Since this Ubuntu OS is not officially supported, it is not recommended to use it. As you can see from the error massage, it shows one crash. If you have to use it, you may need to restart the computer, repair the installation. But it has no guarantee, as it is not supported.


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