Cannot see region highlighting for doping regions in CHARGE

Anish_MondalAnish_Mondal Member Posts: 7

The following picture is taken from CHARGE100 Lumerical University Course, where we can clearly see that there is highlighting in the doping region.

The following picture is from my simulation window

There is no such highlighting present even though I have followed the same procedure. Can anyone help as this highlighting would be necessary for visual inspection of the doping regions in my future projects.

PS: the same happens for the monitor


  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 45Ansys Employee


    This could happen if the doping has a span of zero in all directions (e.g. "x span"), meaning the doping is not defined/applied. Please let me know if this is the case for you here. If you could share the settings of the doping object I could further comment.

    Kind regards

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