FDTD Simulation of an MMI

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I have recently downloaded and acquired a trial license for the Lumerical suite and am interested in using the FDTD solver for simulating the wave propagation across a 1 x 2 MMI. Despite the fact that the accepted method for a simple structure such as an MMI is the EME solver, due to some experimental goals, I want to use and FDTD solver for such a device instead of the EME. Since there are no FDTD projects in the App gallery I was hoping I could get some advice from your support team on how to perform an FDTD sim on the MMI structure and/or perhaps receive a sample project therefor.


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    Hi KJohnson,

    Thank you very much for taking the time and providing the detailed answer to my question. I'll follow the links you shared and give it a good try and get back with more questions if any. As for the course I am already enrolled in that so will take that in parallel with trying out the Y-Splitter example.




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