refractive index vs Wavelength curve

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I would like to plot the refractive index vs Wavelength curve (dispersion curve). I have used an index monitor to see it. but when I modify some parameters of my design(ring resonator) the curve does not change! for example, when I change the waveguides' sidewall angle it seems on no effect on the curve!

I attach the curve which I derived for any sidewall angles!

Thank you.


  • gsungsun Posts: 729Ansys Employee

    The change of the refractive index depends on the radius of curvature and the bandwidth of the wavelength. Once you found a significant change of refractive index at the given radius of curvature at a given wavelength, you can sweep a little wider wavelength range. Make sure the the "bent waveguide" is selected. Please try and let us know if it works for you.

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