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I have designed a silicon heater using DEVICE and my goal is to simulate the heater from 0 to 5V and to observe the change in temperature. Then I would like to save this data in a .mat file and export this data into MODE and observe the change in the effective index as I bias the heater. It is similar to the example of the PN depletion phase shifter on the Ansys Lumerical website:

My DEVICE simulation works as expected but when I simulate it in MODE and look for the change in the effective index, I do not see any change and the value of the effective index stays the same across the voltage bias. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have attached a drive link where I have the device and mode simulations. Can you please look into it and let me know what the erros is. Thanks!


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    Since Ansys staff are not allowed to download customer files here, I can only suggest as follows:

    1: make sure the Temperature attribute is applied to the geometry;

    2: check the temperature from the attribute to see if the temperature is high enough to induce index change. You can roughly estimate the temperature effect on the refractive index of the material by knowing the temperature coefficient.

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