Creating an Inverted Pyramid structure

spacelover17spacelover17 Member Posts: 10

The Silicon TiO2 Pyramids Solar Cell example has been quite helpful. But I was trying to simulate an inverted pyramid structure similar to the one in this paper, and I am having trouble wrapping my head around how to construct this. Can someone please provide some tips? Thanks!


  • gsungsun Posts: 729Ansys Employee

    Hi, @spacelover17 , you can either rotate the existing group 180 degree around y axis and shift it to the proper position. this example uses old technique of layered rectangles; or you can build up your own periodic inverted Pyramid by your own using the pyramid in object library:

    what you need is to flip the sizes of the tip and the bottom:

    it can be a solid pyramid, or can be air by use of etch mesh order.

    Please try and let me know if it works for you.

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