Changes to polarization arrow

shkimshkim Ansys Employee Posts: 14
edited July 20 in Photonics

There have been some changes made to the polarization arrow of sources in the Ansys Lumerical 2021 R1. 4. In prior versions, the polarization of the source had been represented by a double-headed blue arrow, denoting the oscillating nature of the propagating field:

However, it has been noted that this representation can cause confusion as to the initial polarization direction of the field at the injection plane. For example, the polarization angle of 0 and 180 degrees are not distinguishable by just looking at the polarization arrow. For this reason, we made the following changes to the polarization arrows to avoid any ambiguity with the polarization direction:

  • Use a single-headed arrow corresponding to the initial polarization of the electric field
  • Add a green arrow for the polarization of the magnetic field

NOTE: These changes affect only the way the source objects look in the GUI. The simulation results won't be affected in any way.

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