Curved waveguide DBR

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I am interested to simulate spiral DBRs as shown in the reference papers below. One has rectangular corrugation and the other has a circular post for pertuburation. Maximum propagation length is and total footprint is roughly 500µm x 500µm

My first impression is that EME is not the right option for this, but maybe initial simulations varFDTD and final with 3D FDTD will be the right way forward? Is there any other clever way to simulate such design?





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    Hi @noumanzia,

    Thank you for posting your question. This is quite a challenging device to model. I think EME could actually be used as a first approximation: custom field settings can be used in EME to add a radius of curvature to waveguide sections (see this page). The limitation I see is, in this device, the radius is continuously varying, and this is not something we can implement in EME. The best we could do is to have 1 radius increment at a time.

    Modeling this in varFDTD or FDTD is possible, but the challenge here is the dimensions: the memory requirement will be large and the simulation time will be quite long, due to the dimensions and the resonant nature of the device. So the question is how realistic is it to try and run such large simulation.

    Let me know if you have any question.

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