Absorption in Pyramids

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I am trying to adapt the TiO2 pyramid solar cell example to simulate a photonic crystal solar cell with silicon pyramids (actually, silicon inverted pyramids, eventually, but for now silicon pyramids). I figure that the solar absorption would be non-negligible in silicon pyramids, but I tried making the solar generation analysis group tall enough to encompass the pyramids but it's still not showing any absorption within the pyramids. Am I doing something wrong or is this expected (and if it's expected, then why?).

I can send my file if needed, but it won't let me attach it here. I can attach a screenshot that tries to show what I've done. I circled the generation plot in red and the solar generation region analysis group in yellow.

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    I guess you need to change the Y axis value as the output is 3D. After modifying the online example, I got

    Please slide Y slice and check if you can see the change.

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