Problem with discontinuities in reflection spectrum

aminamaminam Member Posts: 1

Hello all,

I am interested in the reflection of a curved thin film with a real refractive index of 1.56.

I run a 2D simulation and use a TFSF source with a structure imported from an image. The source, simulation region and monitor are set up in the following manner:

I used PBC on the x-sides and PML with a steep angle profile on the y-direction (top and bottom). The mesh accuracy is 5.

The reflection spectrum obtained from the monitor above the source contains multiple peaks that looks like instabilities. What could be the source of these features?


  • gsungsun Posts: 1,102Ansys Employee

    The result seems normal to me except further improvement of the accuracy, as you are simulating periodic structure which should have some kind of resonance. The small spikes might be due to not long enough simulation time or not small enough the autoshutoff min. I would suggest you to significantly increase the simulation time, say, 10x, and reduce the autoshutoff min 10x. To speed up the simulation, you can use just mesh accuracy 3.

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