Ansys Insight: Adding Lumerical environment variables on Linux

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Guidelines for adding Lumerical environment variable or PATH into your user profile on Linux.

Notes: The process shown is using the bash shell and default Lumerical install path and settings.

  • Open Terminal
  • Use a text editor (vi, vim) and edit your .bashrc ,
cd ~
vi .bashrc
# Adding Lumerical and Python API path 
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/lumerical/v211/bin:/opt/lumerical/v211/api/python
# Adding the environment variable, ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE
export ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE=1055@{license_server}
  • Save .bashrc and close the text editor.
  • Close terminal or terminate your session/connection.
  • Reconnect and open Terminal.
  • The new path with the Lumerical PATH and environment variable should show on your shell,
$ echo $PATH 
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