Monitor reflection on the propagation path

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Hello there,

I am trying to simulate the coupling between different devices using FDTD. Refer to the official example, I placed a similar monitor in the entire simulation area.

Facet reflection and transmission calculations

Blue and Purple area: two devices

Gray: Unoptimized AR coating

On the left half, reflection(Monitor 1)+transmission(Monitor 5)+others(4 Monitors similar in examples), the total power of 6 monitors is around 1.

On the right half, received power(Monitor 8)+others(4 Monitors similar in examples), the total power of 5 monitors is around the power of Monitor 5, which is transmission.

At this moment, the gap between devices are quite large, if the distance decreases, and place a monitor at the middle of the gap region, is there anyway to using this new added monitor to get the reflection inside the gap? If I understand correctly, this new added monitor will get the transmission and reflection(if exists ) at same time, if is there any method to get the reflection and transmission separately?  

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Xin,

    You are correct, the monitor records the fields at its location, so it will be the combination of the fields propagating (incident and reflected). It is not possible to separate both contributions, unfortunately.


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