Remeshing error using Define_grid_motion in Macro parallel

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I am having trouble using the remeshing option when using the define_grid_motion Macro in parallel, smoothing is working fine.

It is working fine in serial.

I have attached a screenshot after it crashes. Does anyone have any suggestions, thank you for taking the time. Happy to provide further information if needed.

I am using the define_grid_motion macro as given in the manual and added parallel lines to only run it on the nodes.

The object is moving , based on the solution of newton second law using the surface forces. I believe the problem arises once the object moves forward and the partition line needs to readjust not ending on the surface. Is there anyway the parition lines can be updated during the simulation when using dynamic meshing at the same time?


DEFINE_GRID_MOTION(foil, domain, dt, time, dtime)
#if !RP_HOST
	Thread *tf = DT_THREAD(dt);
	face_t f;
	Node *v;
	int n;

	begin_f_loop(f, tf)
		f_node_loop(f, tf, n)
			v = F_NODE(f, tf, n);						

                           //Update NODE_Y(v) = y(x,t)
	end_f_loop(f, tf);



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