Normalized values of Field Intensity

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Are the values of Intesity of E and H shown below normalized by default? It seems that the intensity of E is normalized but H is not. I didn't change the setting. Can I change the default od setting regarding normalized values?




  • gsungsun Posts: 578Ansys Employee

    Mode fields must satisfy the relations of E and H governed by Maxwell's Equations. When E is normalized to a max of 1 V/m, H will be much smaller. For example, a plane wave with =1V/m, its H magnitude is 1/120pi~ 1/377 A/m in free space.

    In case later you want to get a normalized to 1 A/m for H, you can use script, eg, Hxyz=Hxyz/max(sqrt(abs(Hx)^2+abs(Hy)^2+abs(Hz)^2) where xyz means Hx,Hy and Hz, respectively.

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