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Hello Ansys Fam,

I am doing a project on vibrational analysis. I have conducted an Impact hammer test on a handlebar specimen (Fig). As you can see the handlebar is freely suspended that is it isn't supported. Now what boundary condition should I provide in ansys modal analysis. I have tried with no supports at all and got different and weird values. Also can you brief me how ANSYS solves such problems.


Ajaykrishnan T G

The above one is the Setup for Experiment.


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    Hello @aktg,

    Generally the strings are kept significantly flexible/soft so that the setup mimics the free - free vibration. That said I don't thing you should apply any supports. The first 6 modes will be near zero rigid body modes and the rest should give you the actual mode shapes. What do you mean by weird results, aren't they correlating with the experimental data? Also, have a look at Theory Reference for Modal Analysis.



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    Hello @1shan

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I am getting completely different results. The results are attached below.

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