Parameter sweep in INTERCONNECT: Free spectral range of a MZI

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Dear all,

I am trying to simulate the effect of changing the arm length of a MZI on the free spectral range (FSR). However, the sweep fails with the following message:

These are my settings:

I understand that the number of results for the FSR is different for different lengths because the number of peaks in the frequency window changes, but with choosing the "mean" operation I would assume to get one result per parameter.

What can I do?

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  • GWANGGWANG Posts: 63Ansys Employee

    Hi abuc,

    In this case you may want to use script to take the mean of the FSR values in the Root Element Analysis script and add the result as a result to the Root Element, then sweep this reuslt instead. The "mean" operation in sweep takes the mean value amonst the sweeps, for example if you have each result as 1xM in size and sweep for N points, without taking the mean you have N times of 1xM results, and with the mean operation, you have 1 1xM final result.

  • abucabuc Posts: 3Member

    Hi Gwang,

    thank you for your answer. I managed to add the analysis script to the root element and it works. Just one additional question: Is it possible that the Analysis script in the Root element is just executed in a parameter sweep? When I perform a single run I get the following warning/error message:

    This is how I've set up the script:

    Is there something I can do differently?

    Best regards,


  • GWANGGWANG Posts: 63Ansys Employee

    Hi Anton,

    You are absolutely right that the analysis script automatically runs in sweeps but not in single individual runs. You can use the "runanalysis" command to run the analysis script to populate the result.

  • abucabuc Posts: 3Member

    Hi Gwang,

    thank you very much for this tip.

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