DPM unsteady particle tracking issues

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Hello Ansys Community,

I am solving a DPM model for steady particle tracking of lubricating oil with a steady continuous fluid like air.

I am trying to simulate a two-phase flow(air and oil) in a circular pipe (Dia. 5mm and length 20mm) using DPM. I used trap condition along the wall of the pipe so as to terminate the oil particles that are flowing along the pipe. In this DPM technique, surface injection at the inlet with rosin rammler distribution of particles were considered for simulation. I have run the simulation with velocities 2m/s for air and oil.

Boundary conditions of

a) inlet: velocity inlet (DPM: escape)

b)outlet: zero gauge pressure (DPM: escape)

c) wall: stationary wall (DPM: trap)

Like here I'm using range of diameters like 1 micron meter to 20 micron meters as shown in the following image.

After running the simulation, the particles that are trapped and escaped are shown in the console panel like the following image.

The problem is that, Can I get a data of the particles that do not get trapped or else tapped on the wall. I mean, data like diameter of 0.5micron meter this many particles trapped or not trapped and for different particle diameters.


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