Turbulent model for natural convection problems

FERO86FERO86 Member Posts: 21

I am solving Rayleigh-benard convection problem inside a rectangular cavity, with bottom plate constant high temperature , side walls insulated, top plate constant low temperature. Fluid is water.

Which turbulent model is best applicable for this problem ?


  • RobRob UKPosts: 9,687Forum Coordinator

    I tend to favour RNG k-e, and others will suggest the k-w model.

  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyPosts: 7,186Forum Coordinator

    Hehe :) Yes I belong to the ones who will favor omega based approaches here. But at the end I would expect similar results. Much more important is that you account for density variations and you track the mass of the water in the system + Resolving the boundary layer (thermal) as the Pr>1.

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