MAPDL not connecting to system coupling GUI

hnorthruphnorthrup Member Posts: 13

I am running a two-way FSI via the system coupling GUI. I have never had problems getting it to start in the past but now I am trying it on a new computer. When I start the simulation , it never connects to MAPDL. I get the error "Elapsed time: 5 min. Still awaiting connection from: MAPLD-1". All of the .out files for mechanical are empty except for the MAPLD-1.stout which says ANSYS LICENCE MANAGER ERROR: Could not connect to license server System Error: 111 "Connection refused."

I can run workbench and mechanical fine on the computer.

It looks like Fluent was able to connect. At least the .out file looks normal and I didn't get any warnings for it.

Also this is the first time I have tried in the 2021 R1. It works on a different computer that has 2020 R2. Both are Linux. I am not sure if this is a computer issue, license, issue or version issue. Any help is appreciated.


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