Discrepancy in Inductance Calculation for an Actuator

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I have run an eddy current simulation for an actuator in Ansys Maxwell. The main target was to observe the coil inductance with respect to the frequency. We got our result in the simulation. However, when we verify the result with the experimental one, they do not match at all. I have checked the material properties and dimensions of the .aedt file. But still, I have not been able to find out the reason behind this huge discrepancy.

It will be great if you can help me out to solve the issue.




  • delideli Concord, MAPosts: 23Member

    Hi, this is a pretty big difference, could you tell us more detail about this design?

    1. is the coil design the same as real test? dimension, geometry, the number of strand.
    2. is the core design matching with real test?
    3. Is the excitation matching the real test? Is there any saturation on the core?
    4. How is mesh? Mesh quality would affect calculation accuracy.
    5. is there any movement in real test? If yes, does it include spring force and/or friction? Eddy Current solver is a steady state solver which will not consider motion.
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