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Ansys support engineers have authored a few hundreds posts scatted in the forum. With the increase number of posts, finding one post among thousands posts can be very challenge. I found it is more efficient by collecting them into one post. Ideally we can have proper categories. Due to too many posts and some posts are difficult to be classified, in this posts I just list them. Users can use Ctrl^F in this post to search some related key words. A collection of Chinese posts are here 如何有效地查看中文Ansys Insight 帖子

Working with the Poynting Vector

Getting started in Lumerical Mode -FDE

Application Example: Quarter wave transformer

Rotating geometries in Lumerical's CAD environment

What is a "construction group"?

Interpolate finite element data onto a rectilinear grid

Bent waveguide simulation in FDTD

Setting about FDTD Region and mesh

How to set mesh order from script?

How to calculate S-parameter?

Effective refractive index

Calculating the absorption value

How to estimate the simulation time for an FDTD file?

Ansys Insight: Steps of Creating a Compact model for a Taper Waveguide

Ansys Insight: How to define an arbitrary figure-of-merit (FOM) for

Ansys Insight: How to set up KLayout-INTERCONNECT integration

Is it possible to simulate bent waveguide using EME?

Ansys Insight: Changes to polarization arrow

Ansys Insight: Brewster’s law

Ansys Insight: How to extract results from multiple simulation files

Ansys Insight: Importing arbitrary dispersive models

Ansys Insight: How to add new material into the optical material library Ansys Insight: How to add new material into material library (FDTD and MODE)

Ansys Insight: Spatially incoherent dipole

Polarization Incoherence

Ansys Insight: Spatial incoherence

Ansys Insight: Double slit experiment

Ansys Insight: How to measure power radiated by a dipole in a dispersive, lossy medium

Ansys Insight: Incoherent unpolarized dipole

Ansys Insight: Optical ports: Extracting s-parameters

Ansys Insight: Choosing the most appropriate profile for PML boundary conditions

Ansys Insight: How to get material data from material database

Ansys Insight: Diverging Simulations

Ansys Insight: General FDTD troubleshooting tips and tricks

Ansys Insight: Purcell factor calculations with an ultrafine mesh


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