Error analysis when simulating some sturctures

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I have to simulate optical cavities with a dipole source. When I set LC attribution for the bottom, a problem showed up.

I got this message below.

I referred to this problem ( but I can't handle this. I am able to run 'mwp.fsp' from the Applications Gallery (Apps) which is proposed in the upper forum. I guess memory requirement could be the problem so I check it. Memory required to run my simulation is 6.7 GB, and an available memory on my computer is 17.8 GB. I wonder in this case the memory still be causation for simulation error? How to fix or avoid this matter?


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    Hello @EunJoo ,

    It's possible that the memory could be the cause of this crash, even if the available memory is larger than the estimate. Can you try reducing the memory requirement of the simulation by removing monitors, reducing the number of mesh points or the span of the simulation, reducing the number of frequency points being recorded, etc. then running it again?

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