Charge simulation at 4K

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I am simulating PN depletion phase shifter example at different isothermal temperatures.

I kept increasing global iteration limit as the temperature decreases from 300K - 50K to solve convergence issues.

However, at 4K nothing seems to work. Played with multiple settings but everything is giving convergence error.

Can anyone please help in solving this issue?


  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 98Ansys Employee


    Thank you for reaching out. Obtaining convergence for extremely low temperatures like this is difficult. That being said, adjusting the following settings in your simulation could be helpful:

    • Advanced settings in the solver: This includes the iteration limit you have mentioned. Other relevant settings and their description is provided in this article.
    • Voltage step: Try further reducing the voltage step in your contact (e.g. to 0.25 V).
    • Mesh refinement: Adding a mesh constraint object across the junction could be helpful. This can dictate a smaller mesh size than what is set up globally through the solver settings.

    While obtaining convergence is difficult here, you can still monitor the dependency of material properties on temperature. For example, electron and hole mobility of silicon for different temperatures is shown below:

    Best regards

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