Lumerical Parameter Sweep runs out of memory

samkimsamkim Member Posts: 4

I am on Windows 10, Lumerical 2021 R2.4. Whenever I run a parameter sweep, it will get most of the way through the sweep and then Lumerical will crash, with Windows giving me a message that it ran out of memory. This is surprising because I can run individual simulations perfectly fine, and during the parameter sweep I see that Lumerical + fdtd-engine-msmpi processes taking up <200MB of memory. My computer has a total of 16GB memory, and it is only at 30% capacity during the parameter sweep.


  • gsungsun Posts: 1,651Ansys Employee

    You could try to sweep just 2 points and see if it crashes.

    In addition, you may need to check if the sweep parameters are correctly set.

    Finally, if you get field profiles with more frequency points, then the memory demands can quickly build up.

    Please note that 16GB memory is the total. However there are background running programs that will consume memory.

    You can email us for support with the sweep file so we can test.

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