A way to "sweep" across multiple programs

ArthajArthaj Member Posts: 2

Hello all,

I'm trying to study the influence of several parameters on the effective index of a device. A few parameters would be done on Interconnect, but one component needs to be designed in MODE, which itself has 2 variables that are being swept over.

My initial idea was to first create a script that would create hundreds of ldf files in MODE, with the hope that they could be swept over with a script in interconnect, but met little success and was recently told this was impossible, and to instead bunker down and do the thousands of combinations manually over the course of a few weeks, which I've started. Of course, this is not optimal, and suggestions would be very much appreciated.


  • greg_baethgegreg_baethge Posts: 186Ansys Employee

    Hi @Arthaj,

    Thanks for posting your question on the forum. I think the best way to deal with this would be using the Python API: it would allow to set the MODE simulation, generate the ldf file then load it to INTERCONNECT for the second part. That way you can automate this process.

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