How can we export/copy the result data from MQW result visualizer? What does the "View data" meant?

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In the below image the right side is a a visualizer window showing the plot of emission against wavelength.

I copied the data from 'view data' option in the visualizer window and pasted in excel against wavelength itself which is show in the left side.

Now check the plot in excel and lumerical. the peak are at different point.

how does this change? What do the data in 'view data' means?

I tried all the data sets in lumerical in the same way and found all the plots shown in lumerical are different (different position in the X axis) with the plots from excel.


  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 98Ansys Employee


    The plot shown in the visualizer is based on the raw data accessed in “view data”, here emission vs wavelength.

    I tested exporting data from Lumerical visualizer to Excel and plots are identical for both cases. The issue you are having is most likely related to the exported x axis values; please make sure the wavelengths in Excel are in order and match their corresponding emission data point.

    Best regards

  • nuaman98nuaman98 Posts: 3Member

    Thankyou for your reply!

    Yes the x values were the problem. The solver takes values in a random order from the range whereas I plotted in excel with uniform steps of x values.

    Could you please help me on exporting the X values? I could only find the y values in the 'view data' option.

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