determine normalized intensity distribution

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in the metalens example (Metalens - Zemax Interoperability – Lumerical Support). I set the wavelength of the plane wave source of the full metalens to be at (start wavelength =400nm and stop wavelength=700nm) instead of (start wavelength=stop wavelength=660). Also, I set the field settings (min wavelength=400nm and max wavelength=700nm).

Now. after running the simulation ...... I want to determine the normalized intensity distribution at (x-y cross-section & and x-z cross-section), and the normalized intensity profile of the focal spot at the specific wavelengths in that region at (405nm, 532nm, and 660nm). How can I extract the normalized intensity distributions and normalized intensity profile of the focal spot at those wavelengths after running the simulation?

My first question: Can you give me clarification steps with photos or scripts???

My second question: How can I make the maximum value in the normalized intensity distribution equal to one. please note the last 3 photos.

I attached some photos for clarifications

I have sent these questions dozens of times and there is no clear answer!!


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