4 step Reduced Kinetic Mechanism file by Jones and Lindstedt

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I have been conducting combustion simulations in a biomass furnace. The volatile gases coming from the fuel bed are C6H6, CH4, CO, CO2. H2O, O2, N2. I could find the detailed kinetic mechanism file from the internet but couldn't find any Chemkin file for the reduced kinetic mechanism.

I am in need of the 4 step reduced kinetic mechanism file by Jones and Lindstedt that includes one extra reaction for C6H6 combustion. It would be very helpful if anyone could provide the Chemkin file. I tried to make my own Chemkin file but that didn't work for me.

The reactions are:

CH4 + 0.5O2 = > CO + 2H2

CH4 + H2O = > CO + 3H2

CO + H2O < = > CO2 + H2

H2 + 0.5O2 < = > H2O

C6H6 + 7.5O2 = > 6CO2 + 3H2O


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    At the end of the chemkin document, you will find sample chemkin input file, also there is information on correct format to write the chemkin file. Please refer to those to make sure the chemkin file you have written is right. If there are any errors when using the chemkin file in the simulation, please let us know about the error or check the forum to see if you can find similar posts.

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