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Hi, How can we increase the communication distance between source and destination without changing the frequency band?


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    Hi @cblair . A repeater can be used to extend the communication distance between transmitter and receiver. Any signal which is propagating through a medium or channel experiences attenuation. For long distance communication links, if the attenuation per distance is more than the transmitted power then there is a chance that the received signal power will be below the sensitivity of the receiver and hence the signal is lost. In such cases, a repeater will be used in between the transmitter and receiver at a point where the signal level is sufficient enough to be reproduced.
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    Thanks for the response,

    How is the repeater different from an amplifier?

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    Amplifier can only boost the power level of the input signal which is defined as its gain. The input to the repeater is not a pure signal but it is embedded with some noise. The amplifier cannot differentiate the noise from the input signal and will boost up all the signals fed into it which results in the decrease of signal to noise ratio whereas the repeater will regenerate the original signal by eliminating the noise and then amplifies it before transmitting. Repeaters will use amplifiers in their design along with other components to re transmit the received signal.
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    Hello-Use of repeaters for extending the communication distance looks complex and costly. Why cannot we simply increase the power level?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi - It is not that simple. All the communication system should adhere to the regulations set by the local standard regulations. These regulations may limit the amount of power radiated out to the environment. Hence repeaters are required at specific distances to maintain the power level along the communication link.
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