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I modeled a wind turbine blade using surface elements in space claim. I want to perform a model analysis of the edge, so I import such a model to the design modeler. While opening the model file to serve mesh to my model, some elements are not shown in the window(as shown in the attached screenshot), and some aspects are extra added to the element tree. How can I solve this issue?

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I import Rhino 3dm file into Spaceclaim, is it possible to autoupdate the geometry in Spaceclaim when changes made in Rhino?

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We seem to be having a problem with importing f3d file, either directly from Autodesk Fusion360 or from and exported file at the OS. Discover 2023R1 returns a "the required license is unavailable". Discovery is able to import every other standard CAD data, so I am confused as to wha tlicense we would need... Is this a known issue?

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hi.what is a diffrenet between glycol 20- 35-80,... which one shall use in turbular for cooling.

and turbular which temprature shall put for inlet and outlet. and how can we have closed system and open system

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I am trying to create a composite layup model of a wind turbine blade. How can I vary the composite thickness (linearly) along the length of the blade? I used the "selection rule" tool to subdivide the blade to model different ply numbers in a different section( it create constant thickness in each subsection which is not linearly variying). Is there any alternative way to perform the such task?

Secondly, when creating sandwich elements using the "section rule." how will they be stacked up towards the hub I want the core material always modeled in the middle between the fiber stacked up (in my case the sandwich element stacked up one behind the other).

Third, While using "section rule" to vary the composite thickness how can we deal about the abrupt variation in thickness in one section. Does it effect in fatigue analysis while there will be notch at every subdivided plane.

Thank you


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Dear all Expert;

I will perform a 2D axisymetric analysis. For that reason I drawn 3D model of vessel and tried it to 2D by using split command.

I have 3 component in drawing, when I split body and by adding local slicing and create split surface it did not create for two compnents any surface opposite side. only it creates one surface. I enclosed the photos. Where am I making mistake or missing?

thank in advice.


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I am designing an antenna. I am trying to optimize the variables in the circuit design to get a minimized value of S11. But, the optimization technique (I tried differnt methods) is not working for doing so, what are your recommendations for optimizations of variables in the circuit design? or do you think there is a problem in the HFSS design (by the way, I have no errors in the HFSS design)?

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Hi, i´d a problem when i hitting right-click on mouse for the opcion "Edit sketch" for a analisys on Spaceclaim, because i try to delete the surface to copy the lines in onthers planes (1st image), and the 2th image is how the tutorial indicates the step.  Someone could tell me how to do it?

my ansys is 2022 R2 student version

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I am conducting a parameter study using Optislang. I have parameterized geometry and material properties as inputs. I have 3 different materials and 9 inputs are parameterized from each material. I can see all the material inputs in the Ansys parameter tab but when I use optislang I can see only 9 inputs from one material and cannot see the material inputs from other two materials. Could someone please tell me the reason behind it and help me solve it?

Thank you in advance!!!


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Hi, I am trying to use Spaceclaim meshing to get a 2D structured hex mesh for a fairly simple design loop design. The objective is to use this in Fluent, we need resolution near the wall because of turbulence modeling. I am able to easily get a structured mesh and change the cell distribution to mimic inflation layers - however when I try to add actual boundary layers the mesher is not able to add layers for the entire system. There are areas where the inflation layer region becomes very small, I am not sure why that is happening or how to fix it. If anyone has any advice or experience with this please let me know. 

This is a snap of the attempt with inflation layers: 

  Here is the structured mesh with edge sizing we have tried (does not work well in Fluent with turbulence model):


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